Man Bitch

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  1. Blue glow across the city
  2. I’m not from heaven in any way
  3. There is Portuguese music in the flat
  4. Europe
  5. Luisa Again
  6. The bloody darkness

Interviews and Reviews

Sometimes crass & vile but also relentlessly honest
Man-Bitch: Poetry, Prose and Prostitution Johan van Wyk interviewed by Judith Lütge Coullie
Interview with Judith Coulie

correspondence with Ewa about ManBitch

Correspondence with Zazah

Zazah (shortened for Zabanguni) Khuzwayo is the author of the autobiographical text Never been at home (first published by herself, and then republished by David Philip Publishers). The events these letters refer to, took place towards the end of the year 2000 – a time when Zazah was in prison, and a time when she finished the first version of her book. Although we were no longer a couple at the time (the story is told in the last chapter of my book Man Bitch) I still felt very close to her, and I went to see her in prison a number of times. These letters give some interesting perspective on a period in our lives. There are also fictionalised references to me in her story “Dying in the name of love” published in Seventh Street Alchemy: A selection of writings from the Caine Prize for African writing 2004 (2005) .

Review: Home – my private prison

My name is Angel