Personal Details:

Name: André Johan van Wyk
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married, but separated with three children
Birth Date: 20 November 1956
Telephone: (051) 5220047


For correspondence
22 McArthur Street

But living at:
27 Oxford House
77 Gillespie Street

or at:
60 Hampstead Rd

Academic History:

  • 29 June 1982 : BA University of the Witwatersrand (Afrikaans and History of Art)
  • 28 May 1983 : BA Hons University of the Witwatersrand (Afrikaans)
  • 11 April 1987 : PhD University of Rhodes for thesis Die dood, die minnaar en die Oedipale struktuur in die Ingrid Jonker-teks.

Employment History:

  • January1984: Junior Lecturer at the University of Durban-Westville
  • February 1989: Lecturer at the University of Durban-Westville
  • September 1990: Senior Lecturer at the University of Durban-Westville
  • 1994: Associate Professor
  • January 1994: Co-ordinator of the Centre for the Study of Southern African literature and languages.
  • January 2000: Full Professor
  • January 2001: Acting-Director School of Languages
  • 2002: Hospitalised after a stroke
  • November 2002: Hospitalised after being attacked in flat
  • 2003 Medically boarded

Other Employment-Related Activities:

  • 1989: Member of the Combined Staff Association Academic Sub-Committee
  • 1991: Chairperson of the Combined Staff Association Academic Sub-Committee
  • 1994-1995: Exco-Member of the Board of the Faculty of Arts
  • 1994: Library Committee for Arts Faculty
  • 1994: Initiated the publication of the journal Alternation
  • 1995: University Research Committee representative for the Arts Faculty
  • 1995: Faculty of Arts Research Committee, initiated the idea of a Research Fair for the Arts Faculty
  • 1995: NCHE Committee for the Arts Faculty
  • 1995: Research Development Plan for the University
  • 1998: Initiated the salit newsgroup
  • 1999: CSD Screening committee Arts Faculty
  • 1998: Certificate: Performance Leadership Programme, MJT Consulting
  • 1999: Research Audit Committee
  • 1999: South African Literature and Culture Program Design the University Mission Statement, a new constitution for the Faculty of Arts and the establishment of the Centre for the Study of Southern African Literatures and Languages. Founding member of the Centre for the Study of Southern African Literature and Languages at the University of Durban-Westville, and also a founding member of the journal Alternation.

External Examiner to the Following Institutions:

  • 1989/1990: University of Zululand
  • 1992: University of the Western Cape: S. van Wyk: MA Thesis “Die dialektiek van genre met verwysing na Die swerfjare van Poppie Nongena (Elsa Joubert)”
  • 1993-1999: University of the Western Cape: M.A.552 + 553
  • 1993: University of Natal: Mrs. C. J. Hassan: Master of Arts (Coursework) Thesis
  • 1994: Springfield College of Education: Afrikaans Letterkunde (M+4 – 1 Year)
  • 1994: University of Durban-Westville Education Faculty: Afrikaans Usage
  • 1995: Ph.D. Thesis, Hein Willemse, University of the Western Cape
  • 1996: Ph.D. Thesis, Jaco Alant, University of Natal
  • 1996: Coursework MA, dissertation, Sanjiv Somers “The Propagation and Preservation of Orally Transmitted Omens and Beliefs and the Extent to which They Influence Behaviour Among South African Indians”
  • 1998: Ph.D. thesis, Christelle Stander, University of the Western Cape
  • 1999: University of Durban-Westville, Department of English, MA Dissertation: Lorelle Francesca Royeppen: “A Feminist Reading of the Narrative Fiction of Ama Ata Aidoo and Flora Nwapa.
  • 1999: Coursework MA in South African Literature, University of Port Elizabeth
  • 1999: Honours in South African Literature – Identity and Literature -, as well as the drama paper, University of Port Elizabeth
  • 1999: Examination of MA in Creative Writing, University of Cape Town, candidate T Dreyer for dissertation Stinkafrikaners


  • Essen University, 1-30 October 1999.
  • Essen University, 1 Sept-1 October 2001. Work on shared electronic project.

Acted as Judge in Following Literary Awards:

  • 1992 Rapport Literary Award
  • 1994 ATKV Prize for Afrikaans Prose

Acted as Referee:

  • 1993 for article “The Trickster and the Prison House; The Bakhtinian Dimension of ‘The Carnivalesque’ in Breyten Breytenbach’s True Confessions of an Albino Terrorist” submitted to Literator.
  • 1995 “Literature and Testimony in Gramsci’s Letters from Prison: The Question of Subjectivity” by Massimo Lollini” Canadian Review of Comparative Literature
    Regularly act as referee to conference applications to CSD

Member of the Following Associations:

  • ALA (African Literature Association)
  • ALV (Afrikaanse Letterkkunde-Vereniging)
  • SAVAL (South African Society for General Literary Studies)
  • The Southern African Folklore Society
  • The Van Riebeeck Society
  • Friends of the South African Library
  • ICLA (International Comparative Literature Association)
  • FILLM (International Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures)


  • 2000 NRF internship grant of R50000 each for two students Ayub Sheik and JC Naicker
  • 2000-2002 UDW research committee grant for Life History Project: ZP Khuzwayo and ZC Mdakane (amount R13000)
  • 2001 NRF IRDP Grant (Social Sciences and Humanities: Centre for the Study of SA literature and Languages) (amount R141 000)
  • 2001 NRF Distinct SA Research Opportunities: SA Literary Heritage Project (amount R300000)
  • 2001 NRF Research Grant for Research Fellow: prof E Reckwitz 1 July-15 July 2001
  • 2002 NRF Research Grant for Research Fellow:: prof. Z. Bialas 15 April-15 May

Workshops attended:

  • Workshop on Research Management in Higher Education, The National Research Foundation: Pretoria 23 Sept 1999

Papers Presented at Local Conferences:

  • “Class, Race and Sex in Afrikaner Nationalist Plays,” History Workshop Conference, University of the Witwatersrand, 5-8 Feb. 1990.
  • “Die tematiek van die werker binne die Afrikaanse werkers- en nasionalistiese literatuur: Die nut van ou Afrikaanse tekste vir ’n nuwe Suid-Afrika,” Afrikaanse Letterkunde Vereniging Vierde Hoofkongres, 6-8 Sept. 1990.
  • “Marxism and Semiology,” Conference: Marxism in South Africa – Past, Present, Future, University of the Western Cape, 6-8 Sept.1991.
  • “The Terror of Reason: Stereotypes and the Discourse on Stereotypes” Saval Mini-Conference, University of Natal, 20-22 April, 1995.
  • “Die antropologiese diskoers en die Afrikaanse letterkunde” Afrikaanse Letterkundeverening Sewende Hoofkongres, Universiteit van die Oranje-Vrystaat, Bloemfontein, 18-20 September 1996.
  • Participant on Panel on “Literary History in South Africa”, Conference “Literary Studies at the Crossroads” UNISA, 20 -21 February 1997.
  • “The Interplay of the Heroic and the Colonial. The Emergence of a Pan Africanist Consciousness”. South African Folklore Society Conference. Vista Conference Centre. Port Elizabeth. 16 May 1997.
  • “’n Nuwe Afrikaanse Universiteit: Die Universiteit van die Toekoms,” Konferensie oor die universiteit in die 21 ste eeu aangebied deur die Departement Filosofie, Universiteit van Pretoria, in samewerking met Fragmente: Tydskrif vir Filosofie en Kultuurkritiek, (12 Nov.-14 Nov. 1999.

Papers Presented at International Conferences:

  • “Afrikaans Poetry, Redefinition – Workshop Session,” Afrikaans: Recollection, Redefinition, Restitution 7 th Conference on South African Literature, Evangelische Akademie Bad Boll, 25-27 Sept. 1992.
  • “Defining Poetry from a South African Perspective: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Oral, Written, Printed and Pictographic Forms of South African Poetry,” FILLM XIX International Congress, University of Brasília, Brazil, 22-30 Aug. 1993. I was also chairperson to Session 7, 24 Aug. of this Conference.
  • “South African Literature and the Construction of Identity” ICLA XIVth Congress, University of Alberta, 15-20 August, 1994, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • “Pedagogics of Reconstruction: Teaching Literature in a ‘New’ South Africa”, 9th Conference on South African Literature, 14-16 October 1994, Evangelische Akademie Bad Boll
  • “Construction of the Difaqane in South African Literature” African Literature Association Conference, Stony Brook, 27-31 March 1996.
  • “Hordes, Institutions and Intertexts: Conceptualising South African Literary History”,South African Literary History: Totality and/or Fragment, Essen University, Germany, 4-7 July 1996.
  • “Cultural forgetting: Comparative analysis of working class South African literature 1910-1924” ICLA Xvth Congress, Leiden University, 16-22 August 1997, Leiden, The Netherlands.
  • “Literary Studies in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The CSSALL and possibilities for other Commonwealth and Postcolonial Societies” CACLALS “Commonwealth in Canada”- Conference, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada, 7-9 November 1997.
  • Survey of South African Literary History with reference to the CSSALL electronic database/encyclopedia and CD Rom project,” Constructing South African Literary History, Essen, 5-8 October 1998.
  • “A Custom He Could Not Sanction”: The Texts by Ivory Traders Fynn and Isaacs in the Shaka Period,” Ebony, Ivory, & Tea. First Joint Symposium of Colonial and Postcolonial Studies Centre (University of Silesia, Poland) & Southern African Studies Centre (University of Essen, Germany), Cracow, 28 September-2 October 2000.
  • “Myth, History, Folklore and Cannibalism in Texts from South Africa”, Spoiling Cannibals’ Fun? Cannibalism and Cannibalisation in Culture and Elsewhere, University of Silesia, Ustron, Poland, 21-22 September 2001.
    Invited to attend the historic ANC and SA writers’ meeting at the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 8-12 July 1989.

Conferences Organized:

  • “Re-thinking South African Literary History” ,CSSALL, University of Durban-Westville, 5-7 May 1995
  • “The Dancing Dwarf from the Land of the Spirits” Interdisciplinary Conference on Southern African Literature and Languages, CSSALL, University of Durban-Westville, 13-16 September 1995
  • “Body, Identity, Sub-Cultures and Repression in Texts from Africa, Second CSSALL Interdisciplinary Conference, CSSALL, University of Durban-Westville, 25-27 September, 1997.
  • “Teaching South African Literature at Tertiary and Secondary Levels, South African Literature and Evil, and Towards a South African Literary Theory”. Third CSSALL Conference, CSSALL, University of Durban-Westville, 6 to 7 July 2001.

Community Orientated Seminars:

  • 1987: “Aliënasie in die Afrikaanse poësie,” UNIQWA, 5 Sept.
  • 1990: “Language, Literature & Identity: Aspects of Literary Research in Afrikaans” College Lecture, 7 June, University of Durban-Westville.
  • 1993: “Redefining Poetry: The South African Material,” Paper presented to the Southern African Literature Discussion Group, University of Durban-Westville, August 2.
  • 1993: Seminar on the Methodologies for the Study of Southern African Literature presented to Students from the School for International Training, College Semester Abroad, Spring.
  • 1993: “An Historical Overview of S. A. poetry” – a series of five seminars at the UDW Winterschool, 5-9 July.
  • 1990: Planning of the series: “Debate the Future of Our University,” 13-29 Aug.


  • 1998/99: “Onderhoud met Johan van Wyk” (Pieter Conradie, published in Karring 15. Somer 1998/9)
  • 21/8/99 Interview on Punt Radio on contributions to

International Seminars and Readings from Creative Work:

  • 5 October 2000, reading poetry and fragments of novel at Klub, Remedium, Sosnowiec, Poland
  • 6 October 2000, presentation on “Terror of Reason” at Colonial and Postcolonial Studies Centre (University of Silesia, Poland)
  • 12 Oct. 1999 reading creative work at University East Anglia (Norwich)
  • 13 Oct. 1999 Anglia Polytechnik University (Cambridge) University of Utrecht
  • 21 Oct. 1999 reading paper on the history of the CSSALL at the University of Bielefeld.

Academic Books:

  • 1995, Constructs of Identity and Difference in South African Literature, Durban: CSSALL
  • 1999, Gesig van die Liefde: Ingrid Jonker. Author: Durban.

Volumes of Poetry:

  • 1976, Deur die oog van die luiperd, Kaapstad, Human & Rousseau.
  • 1978, Heldedade kom nie dikwels voor nie, Johannesburg, Perskor.
  • 1981, Bome gaan dood om jou, Kaapstad,Human & Rousseau.
  • 1996, Oë in ’n kas, Kaapstad: Human & Rousseau.
  • 2005, Gedigte (1976-1996), Durban: CSSALL


  • 2001, ManBitch, Durban, Author.
  • 2006, Man Bitch, Durban, Author.

Anthology Edited:

  • 1988, SA in Poësie/ SA in Poetry, Durban: Owen Burgess Publishers (Co-editor with Pieter Conradie and Nik Constandaras.


  • 2009 Trollop slaap te veel, ‘n Kabelkarnimf Boek

Books Edited:

  • 1996, Rethinking South African Literary History, Durban: Y-Press (ed. with J. Smit and J-P Wade)
  • 1997, Usukabekhuluma and the Bhambatha Rebellion, by Andreas Z Zungu and translated by Dr ACT Mayekiso, Durban: CSSALL (Edited Johan van Wyk)

Chapters in Books:

  • 1996, “Afrikaans Poetry and the South African Intertext” (p111-117) Afrikaans Literature: Recollection, Redefinition, Restitution (edited by Robert Kriger and Ethel Kriger), Amsterdam: Rodopi
  • 1996, “Redefining Poetry: The South African Material,” (p.931-937, vol.2) Language and Literature Today. Proceedings of the XIXth Triennial Congress of the International Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures. Brasilia: Universidade de Brasilia.
  • 1996, “Towards a South African Literary History” Rethinking South African Literary History, Durban: Y-Press. P.31-39.
  • 1997, “Hordes, Institutions and Intertexts: Conceptualising South African Literary History” (p57-68) from South African Literary History: Totality and/or Fragment (Ed. E. Reckwitz, K. Reitner, L. Vennarini) Essen: Die Blaue Eule.
  • 1999 Contributed item on Ingrid Jonker and acted as advisor to Killam & Rowe The Companion to African Literatures Oxford: James Currey.
  • 2000 Contributed item on Breyten Breytenbach in Dictionary of Literary Biography volume 222: South African Writers, edited by Paul Scanlon (2000) Columbia: Bruccoli Clark Layman, Inc.
  • 2003, “Zabijanie opowiesci. Dyskurs Kanibalistyczny w historii i literaturze ludu Basotho” (p.65 -79) from Er(r)go 7 Teoria Literatura Kultura (Ed. W Kalaga) Katowice
  • 2004, “A custom he did not sanction”: Texts by Ivory Traders, Isaacs and Fynn, in the Shaka Period” (p.76-88) from Ebony, Ivory & Tea (Ed. Z. Bialas & K Kowalczyk-Twarowski) Katowice: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Slaskiego
  • 2003, “Eugene Marais, Deep River, translated by Johan van Wyk” (p,329-365) from Hermeneus (Ed. J.M. Zarandona) Universidad de Valladolid
    Books Mentored and Edited as Part of Life History Project:
  • 2001, Z.P. Khuzwayo Never been at home, Durban: Published by the Author
  • 2001, Z.C. Mdakane No Way Out, Durban, School of Literature and Languages


  • 2001, Interview with Dennis Brutus
  • 2001, My Name is Angel


  • 2001, Stubborn Hope: Dennis Brutus: Activist & Poet As part of NRF IRDP project


  • Monthly column on South African literature on electronic journal litnet (

Academic Articles in Journals: * indicates accredited journals

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Editor of Special Editions of Accredited Journals:

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Review Articles:

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Articles of Academic Interest in Popular Press:

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Creative work in Literary Journals:

  • 1976: Donga, Sept.
  • 1977: Donga, Feb.
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  • Wieretuin, Upstairs, Market Theatre
  • Oudisie om die einde van die aarde te verhoed, The Laager, Market Theatre and State Theatre (Pretoria)
  • Sloper, The Laager, Market Theatre.

Coursework MA Dissertations Completed Under My Supervision 1996:

  • Govender, A Identity in Bessie Head’s A Question of Power
  • Pillay, RV A Postcolonial Investigation of Constructs of the ‘Other’ in Thomas Pringle’s Narrative of a Residence in South Africa
  • Singh, H A Theoretical and Ideological Analysis of Literacy Programmes on the Labour Front in South Africa
  • Gounden, PT The Role of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) in Literacy Provision in Pietermaritzburg
  • Dlodlo, MT The (De-) Construction of Race in Dr John Philip’s Researches in South Africa Vol.I & II(1828)
  • Mdakane, AT Towards the Post-Colonial Anthology: An Analysis of SA in Poësie/SA in Poetry
  • Masikane, ME The “Black Peril”: Sex and Race in Sol Plaatje’s The Mote and the Beam
  • Van Wyk, D The Construction of the School and Education in the Texts of Selected South African Writers
  • Naicker, S A Narratological and Semiotic Analysis of a !Kung Shamanist Trance Vision as Reported by Megan Biesele
  • Majola, MH A Poststructuralist Analysis of the Chakijana Folktales
  • Radebe, NHS Literacy and the motif of Education in the Early editions (1903-1930) of Ilanga LaseNatal under the Editorship of Dr JL Dube

Coursework MA Dissertations Completed Under My Supervision 1997:

  • Ngejane, AC A Dictionary of Traditional Xhosa Literary Terms
  • Dhlomo, NN The Theory, Value and Practice of Translation with Reference to John
  • L Dube’s Texts Isita Somuntu Nguye Uqobo Lwakhe (1928) and Ukuziphatha Kahle (1935)
  • Pillay, MU An Exploration of the ‘Soul’: An Intertextual Reading of Olive Schreiner and Sigmund Freud
  • Pillay, G The Apocalyptic in Selected South African Texts
  • Mkhize, EMF The Domestic Worker in Selected South African Prose
  • Ponnan, W Constructs of the Alcoholic, Tsotsi and Prostitute in Selected Drum Stories
  • Coursework MA Dissertations Completed Under My Supervision 1998:
  • Padayachee, N A discussion of Selected South African Novels with the theme of Miscegenation from a post-colonial perspective
  • Jadhunundhan, R. Classification, Narrative and Knowledge: Travel Writing of Francois le Vaillant, Captain Robert Jacob Gordon and Hendrik Jacob Wikar
  • Bhengu, HJ A translation of C.T. Msimang’s Buzani ku Mkabayi
    Pillay, P Stand-up Comedy in South Africa: Its History and Influences
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  • Kunene, SC Analysis of Masizi Kunene’s use of metaphors in the epic poem Emperor Shaka the Great
  • Sikhosana, ELZ Feminist Analysis of GS Zulu’s Text
  • Vapi, N Postcolonial Analysis of the Debate about Education in Gqoba’s poem “Ingxoxo Enkulu Ngemfundo”

1998 D. Litt Completed Under My Supervision:

  • Narismulu, P Locating the Popular-Democratic in South African Resistance Literature in English, 1970-1990

Coursework MA Dissertations Completed Under My Supervision 1999:

  • Van Rensburg, J.J. Marginal Activity in South African Culture in the Period 1980-1984
  • Mchunu, M.R. African Perspectives of Poor Whites with Special Reference to Works by Dube and the Dhlomo Brothers during the period 1920-1940
  • Lawson, L.W. The Occult in South African Literature with Reference to Selected Texts
  • Mtshali, NOP The Introduction of Literacy to the Zulu People during the Nineteenth Century

1999 Thesis MA Completed Under My Supervision:

  • Sheik, A. A Discursive Analysis of the Literary Texts of B.D. Lalla.

1999 D. Litt Completed Under My Supervision:

  • Naidoo, V Magic Realism in Zakes Mda’s Ways of Dying (1995) and She Plays with the Darkness (1995)
  • Stewart, GDJ The Implications of E-Text Resource Development for Southern African Literary Studies in Terms of Analysis and Methodology

2000 Coursework MA Dissertations Completed Under My Supervision:

  • Amod, Razia Khatoon
  • Duma, Dumisani Hyacinth Gregory
  • Nayimuli, Samuel Tusubira

2000 Thesis MA Completed Under My Supervision:

  • Manqele, Bongiwe Victoria The relationship between the theoretical writings of HIE Dhlomo and his dramatic texts

2001 Coursework MA Dissertations Completed Under My Supervision:

  • Cele, Alex Sfundo
  • Mkhonza, Sphiwe Albert
  • Mkhize, Chrezentiaclemjentine Zanele
  • Naidoo, Hoogantharani Lutchman
  • Phutieagae, Vincent Geremia

2001 Thesis MA Completed Under My Supervision:

  • Pather, Nasan Mogabery. South African Punk Rock, New Wave and Alternative Music 1977-1989 (cum laude)
  • Ncube, Thembile Thembelihle A Feminist Analysis of Bessie Head’s Oeuvre with reference to Migration and Psychoanalysis

2001 D. Litt Completed Under My Supervision:

  • Smit, JA Johannes van der Kemp and Knowledge/Power/Self